The ultimate hideaway. Escape from everyday life with our bespoke garden pods. If you’re looking for garden room ideas, we can build a pod bespoke to you, so you can get creative within a natural setting or help take your home office outside. Create a guest house to retreat to, or hire out on AirBnB, the two most popular uses for our unique garden pods. We bring your inspiration into reality, from design and drawings, to full installation anywhere across the UK and beyond.


Summer Garden Buildings

Our garden pods are the perfect place to spend your summers. Enjoy being immersed in nature with a good book, as the ultimate summer reading nook. Or create an outdoor space your children will love, with room to create, learn and grow every summer. These summer garden buildings can build lasting memories for all the family. Add space to your home and reach out today to learn more.

Insulated Garden Rooms

Don’t just limit your new living space to only summer, we offer fully insulated garden rooms for you to enjoy all year through. Cost effective insulation, heating and power solutions that won’t break the bank, you can be toasty warm in your garden pod all year long. Our bespoke garden pods offer natural light, perfect for home offices surrounded by nature.

Experienced Carpentry in Gloucestershire

Bespoke garden pods are uniquely designed by our head carpenter, Eon Graves. With over 15 years experience creating beautiful garden buildings, we’re able to make sure our garden room designs leave no waste, using only high quality, sustainable sourced wood. Working closely with every client, we can bring your vision to life building bespoke garden pods with continued support.

We offer a helping hand when it comes to planning permission, design choices and sustainable alternatives to power and plumbing. We can build in any way you like, with our unique style; curvy, wonky and beautiful. Or, we can also design and build with straight lines. Once we have agreed on a design, then we can work out a price for you. Please message us with your garden pod specifications.

Sustainable Structures

All of Purepods’ structures are totally sustainable, using up-cycled materials that have been intercepted before being thrown in the landfill. Timber that could be considered a waste product is re-purposed to become useful and beautiful again.

Recycled and damaged stock is reworked, shaped, and turned into beautiful structures. We work closely with our sister company All Good In The Wood to ensure every ounce of the tree is used or repurposed. Not many companies can achieve this but we won’t compromise. We want to be on the right side of history.

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